Delay The Foreclosure Process or Not to Delay? Continuation part 1

Foreclosure docket rocket orders: You can obtain the transcripts at there you will find the official transcript. After reading the transcript read the statute. You will see that the legislature did not intend for any court to side step the law as intended. You will find that in 1985 a similar situation was in traction. The bill failed to pass but not without enough discussion to reveal that the procedure was to be followed to the letter regardless of the needs of the debt collector, the attorney or even the process server. Today it’s the rocket docket courts that use the excuse that they need to somehow over come the clogging of the dockets. So a special General Administrative order (only for Foreclosure cases) was made in order to help the process along. What Lacks reason is, if the courts are so bogged down by so many cases up at the same time, why then create an order that speeds up the foreclosure process of service? This would only add to the bottleneck. If the Sheriff is so slow in serving would that not aid in slowing down the docket clog? Go to http://www.byebyebanksters to get a copy of the General Administrative order and the note to the foreclosureattorneys. This order cannot be obtained by the Cook County court website as a matter of fact as of the time of this writing it is not even listed in the list of GOA orders for 2007 which jumps from 2007-2 to 2007-4. Why is it not there? You be the judge.

More to come.
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